Sustainable Agriculture

We stand by our farmers and support investment and employment projects for sustainable agriculture as a bank established to contribute to the financing of sustainable agriculture.

We are here for the financing of sustainable agriculture and the continuity of rural development.

We take an active role in financing sustainable agriculture.

We allocate the largest share to financing agriculture in our portfolio among private capital deposit banks. We prioritize all our farmer customers who invest in sustainable agriculture and we aim to increase our awareness on this subject both among the urban population and rural population.

We support economic growth based on rural development

On our journey to supporting agricultural production and rural development, we provide products and services in line with SKA-2, SKA-5, and SKA-17, which express the UN's No Hunger, Gender Equality, and Partnerships for Purposes goals.

Sustainable Agriculture in Numbers
To enable our farmers to continue production.

We take steps together with more than 350 thousand farmers who are 99% small producers in our portfolio and we take an active role in financing sustainable agriculture.

Number of our farmer customersNumber of our farmer customers


Share of agricultural loans in total cash loan volumeShare of agricultural loans in total cash loan volume


The Number of agricultural banking customer representativesThe Number of agricultural banking customer representatives


With our Family Farming Banking project, which we launched in 2014, in which the United Nations World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) declared that year as the International Year of Family Farming, we aim to prevent our farmers from leaving their lands for economic reasons, as well as reduce losses resulting from land division through inheritance and migration from rural to urban areas.

Under Family Farming Banking, we offer various products and services to combine the small land fractured due to inheritance, support rural development cooperatives, increase efficiency with agricultural equipment or energy-saving investments and encourage collective agriculture.

At Şekerbank, we assist projects that reduce the adverse effects of climate change worldwide while also enhancing overall production efficiency through effective energy cost management and favorable payment terms. With EKOkredi Agriculture, the sub-branch of EKOkredi which is the pioneering product in Turkey to finance energy efficiency, we finance investments that have an important contribution to farmer efficiencies such as modern irrigation equipment and solar panels that generate electricity. 

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Hasat Card is here to meet your agricultural needs!

With the Harvest Card, you can buy farm products such as seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides from contracted providers and make your payments at harvest time.

We are with you with the TMO Card that we deliver instantly for your deliveries to the Turkish Grain Board!

You can avoid stocking costs by delivering your items to Soil Grain Office purchase points without waiting in line, and you can easily withdraw your product price from Şekerbank ATMs by using TMO Card without having to wait in line.

We support our farmers with Agricultural EKOkredi products!

We support our farmers by offering them the advantage of paying at harvest time through Agricultural EKOkredi products such as Solar Energy Systems Loan, Organic Agriculture, Greenhouse Loan, and Modern Irrigation Equipment Loan.