Ratings and Initiatives

In order to demonstrate the concrete contributions of the activities we carry out as Şekerbank through international criteria, we have been included in the rating process covering the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) headings created by Sustainalytics, an expert and independent organisation in the field of sustainability.

Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change and Water Security Programmes
CDP is an independent and non-profit global organisation that mediates publicly traded companies to report to investors how they use natural resources and natural capital, how their activities affect the reproduction of limited resources and how they manage their risks in this area.
Our Bank has been reporting its environmental performance within the scope of the CDP Climate Change Programme since 2010, and started CDP Water Security Programme reporting in 2016.
In 2022, within the scope of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), 2022 Climate Change Programme, our Bank increased its CDP Water Security Programme score to "Leadership" level by raising it to A with the improvement efforts carried out for the most accurate management of water resources, while maintaining its "Management" level B score in the Climate Change Programme score, and demonstrated its responsibility for a zero-carbon sustainable future by disclosing its environmental data to the world.

Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index
In order to improve the understanding of sustainability in Turkey and especially among Borsa Istanbul companies and to increase knowledge and practices, BIST sustainability indices, which include the shares of companies traded on Borsa Istanbul and whose corporate sustainability performances are at a high level, were established, and our Bank was included in the BIST Sustainability Index in 2018.

BIST Sustainability 25 Index
Our Bank has been entitled to join the "BIST Sustainability 25 Index" for the second three-month period of 2024, according to the announcement dated March 21st published by Borsa Istanbul.
The index components consist of 25 stocks selected from companies included in the BIST Sustainability Index with high sustainability ratings, based on their Average FDP PD and Daily Average Trading Volume.