Our Bank's profit distribution rules are spelled forth in Article 69 of the Articles of Association. According to this, the net profit is the amount left over after all expenses, provisions, taxes, and retained earnings have been deducted from the income earned by the Bank within an accounting period.

  • A legal reserve of 5% of net profit is set aside; 
  • The first dividend of 5% of the paid-up capital is set aside from the remaining amount. 
  • The General Assembly can distribute the remaining earnings to the shareholders in whole or in part or transfer it to the special reserve fund.
  • Regarding the sub-paragraph 3 of the second paragraph of Article 519 of the Turkish Commercial Code, one-tenth of the net profit, after setting aside the legal reserve amount specified in the first paragraph of Article 519, as well as a 5% profit share for the shareholders, shall be allocated to the legal reserve fund as the second allotment.

The Bank's dividend policy and principles are established in its Articles of Association, and the General Assembly approves them yearly in light of current global and local macroeconomic and banking sector circumstances and developments.

Aids and donations can be made by submitting them to the information of general assembly, within the framework of the relevant legislation of the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency and the Capital Markets Board of Turkey.