Our Values

We are changing banking for the future of this country, working for sustainability of resources, reducing poverty and equal investment opportunity for everyone!

We value diverse viewpoints and are receptive to all suggestions from our colleagues and consumers. By maintaining communication channels open within the bank, in a professional and inclusive environment, with all the rings that compose the organizational chain, we discuss opinions, ideas, suggestions, and expertise that will add value to our bank and our colleagues.

We have such a motivation and therefore are making a conscious effort to acquire new ideas, knowledge, and skills with an open attitude; we are motivated to collaborate and take responsibility for our own and others' ongoing progress.

We are committed to exceeding all of our customer's expectations and needs, taking into account regional differences, and ensuring customer satisfaction by providing products and services in a professional and supportive manner.

Being a good problem-solver, we focus on the intended results/targets, taking action without wasting time to address challenges encountered with profitability and efficiency.

We believe in contributing to our Institution's performance and being loyal to our Institution by working with our team and other colleagues in a professional, fair, sharing, participatory, and solidarity manner, in keeping with our collective objectives and values.