Continuing on the path we set out to promote Anatolia's rural development, Şekerbank is the Sustainable Bank of Turkey.

To protect the sustainability of manufacturing and development in our country…


For 70 years, we have proudly carried out our aim of being Turkey's Sustainable Bank!

Our Mission

From village to city, with the understanding of “Community Banking" and within the scope of modern banking, we consider local characteristics and needs. We introduce banking services to those who do not have, grow together by creating value with its delighted customers, workers, and partners, and draw strength from the deep-rooted history.

Our Vision

As the "leading bank in funding small enterprises," our vision is to be among Turkey's top ten private banks in terms of total assets.

Sustainable Agriculture
Şekerbank is proud to support sustainable agriculture, rural development, and production.
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Sustainable Agriculture
Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
We focus on providing value to the country's economy by financing energy efficiency, climate change, and renewable energy investments!

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Energy Efficiency and Climate Change
Inclusive Finance and Women's Banking
With women’s banking and inclusive finance, we encourage women to participate in economy and production.
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Inclusive Finance and Women's Banking

“With the awareness that the only thing that does not change is the change itself, we sustain our transformation focus, equip our banking tradition by increasing technological competencies and changing our way of business with the focus on sustainable development which became even more important with the pandemic.

Dr. Hasan Basri Göktan, Chairman of the Board

From Foundation to Present
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Our Values
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Board of Directors
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Investor Relations
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Sustainability Banking
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Human Resources
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Our Banking Services in Numbers
We work for financing sustainable agriculture.

We continue to promote agriculture as a bank that has served farmer families across Turkey for three generations. We allow farmers to access greater resources through our agricultural banking activities.

Number of our Farmer ClientsNumber of our Farmer Clients

350Thousand +

Agricultural Credit VolumeAgricultural Credit Volume

2Billion TL

Agricultural Loans Market Share Among Private BanksAgricultural Loans Market Share Among Private Banks

7 %

We continue to work for more tradespeople and businesses to reach financial resources in the future for all segments to be included in the economy with production.
We work to support the producers and especially female producers to introduce banking services and bring our digital applications to tradespeople and businesses.
Increase in Number of Active CustomersIncrease in Number of Active Customers


Increase in Customer on Credit NumberIncrease in Customer on Credit Number


Supported Female Tradesperson NumberSupported Female Tradesperson Number


We are with our SMEs that support export and import
We support SMEs at every scale as the soul of the national economy in terms of production, investment, employment and export.
Increase in Cash LoansIncrease in Cash Loans


Increase in Active SME Customer NumberIncrease in Active SME Customer Number


Increase in Non-Cash LoansIncrease in Non-Cash Loans


We continue to be a solution partner for corporate and commercial firms and support their growth.

We serve the varying financial demands of Turkish industrialists, manufacturers, and merchants on time with quality products and services through our extensive understanding and deep expertise in Corporate and Commercial Banking.

Increase in Cash LoansIncrease in Cash Loans


Increase in Export VolumeIncrease in Export Volume


Increase in Foreign Trade VolumeIncrease in Foreign Trade Volume


We offer custom, different and fast private banking solutions for changing customer needs
We concentrate on niche segments in retail banking by quickly providing personalized solutions through our branches, the majority of which have been servicing the same place for more than half a century, and our local banking expertise, in response to changing customer needs and demands.
Individual Deposit Money VolumeIndividual Deposit Money Volume

8billion TL

Private Customer Number Introduced to EKOkredi Until TodayPrivate Customer Number Introduced to EKOkredi Until Today


Increase in EKOKredi VolumeIncrease in EKOKredi Volume