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With our principled, dynamic, hardworking, and open-minded colleagues, we have been working together at Şekerbank since 1953 to ensure a sustainable future. Today, we are constructing a brand new banking understanding for our country's future. We are working nonstop on challenges such as resource sustainability, poverty reduction, and equal investment opportunities.

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Moving progress with energetic, hardworking, responsible, and open-minded personnel is one of our main values. Our bank ensures that all members of its family have equal possibilities by supporting research, production, and sharing under all circumstances.

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We put a high priority on the recruitment of new graduates, with the purpose of improving our bank's future human resources. We recruit Management Trainees (MTs) and Assistant Inspectors for our Headquarters team, as well as Branch Sales and Box Office personnel for our branch workforce.

All candidates without banking experience must be at least 28 years old, according to current regulations. Candidates who want to apply for MT and assistant inspector jobs must have at least a bachelor's degree, have completed military service for male candidates, and have a good command of the English language. We expect experienced candidates to have a minimum of two years of experience and sufficient professional knowledge.

After interviews with our bank's managers, experienced candidates are recruited. Inexperienced candidates acquire our family after going through an exam, interview, and inventory processes.

Questions on our general aptitude exam assess your numerical, verbal, analytical, and attention skills.

Yes, applications can be made for different positions as needed.

Our bank personnel is compensated for their foreign language skills based on their performance on several types of exams. 

The following are the many sorts of exams and their scores.

Language Compensation Point Range;

EnglishTOEFLTOEFL EssentialsTOEICYDS (e-YDS)IELTSDocument Renewal Period
Degree 195-12010-12855-99079-1007,5-95 Years
Degree 285-949-9,5730-85071-786,5-73 Years
Degree 375-848-8,5605-72562-705-62 Years


TFI & WIDAFYDS (e-YDS)Document Renewal Period
Degree 1855 +79-1005 Years
Degree 2730-85071-783 Years

*There should be a maximum of 2 years between the exam date on the foreign language result document and the date of submitting the result document to our department.