Human Resources Policy

“Investing in people is the investment with the highest contribution to the institution.” With this insight, we develop our organization's young and promising manager candidates, and by assisting our high-performing employees, we increase the potential of our human resources in the long run.

We have a positive impact on our successful and happy employees.

Discover Şekerbank’s Human Resources Policy’s foundational elements:

  • Fostering an environment in which our employees can expand their technical knowledge and personal abilities
  • Creating and maintaining a clear and intelligible Career Development and Planning system for all of our employees.
  • Awarding the outstanding performance,
  • Implementing a fair wage system based on duties and responsibilities,
  • Creating a permanent cooperation climate that is open to discussion at all levels.
  • Employees who have absorbed the corporate culture and values, and who operate in accordance with ethical principles, guarantee that our bank is an organization that stands out in terms of employee satisfaction and loyalty.

Employee Priority

To meet the managerial positions at our Bank from within and to support the career ambitions of our employees, we use talent/career pool procedures and give priority to closing our available positions with our employees.

Quantitative and Concrete Objectives

We employ a fair, open, objective, and success-oriented performance system where competencies are measured to achieve our quantifiable and concrete objectives.

Fair Compensation System

We apply a fair compensation system based on duty, responsibility and performance.

Open Communication

We encourage open communication at all levels and use a network of communication built on trust for the human resources and employee teams to share information.