Training Policy

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Training Policy

The idea of "the right education for the right person, at the right time" serves as the cornerstone of all of Şekerbank's training activities. A training system that places a high value on the development of our employees, enhances their potential, assists them in improving their performance, and is updated regularly to make this progress permanent is adopted for meeting the objectives and strategies of our Bank. This system is primarily designed in accordance with the business specialties of our employees; technical banking information and training are provided on many subjects that will support their individual development.

A complementary framework that includes elective training, remote learning, non-bank training, simulations, on-the-job training, and experience transfer programs is available in addition to these pieces of training. Our newly recruited employees take part in banking, corporate culture, and personal development programs as well as training programs tailored to their business lines.

What are the categories of training?

For our employees working in various departments and positions at our Bank, career training requires programs that are designed specifically for their lines of business. While some training aims at enhancing the knowledge and abilities required by their duties in inexperienced or experienced new hires and business line transitions, there are certification programs designed according to business lines and titles. Certificate program completion is one of the requirements for promotion.

It is a way of on-the-job training where our employees can observe various working models to broaden their perspective in their current position and provide them with more in-depth expertise about the operational structure of our Bank.

Apart from Compulsory Certificate Programs, these are in-class training that our employees can choose from the training catalogue that is provided to them at specific times of the year to advance their technical knowledge and abilities.

These are the development programs designed to assist the leadership competency development of our managers working in our Bank, in line with our Bank's vision and strategy. These trainings are also carried out in accordance with the managerial demands of our Bank to assist our employees with leadership potential in preparing for Branch Management and successfully completing the duties and responsibilities requested of them.

These are the training programs organized in the country or overseas by institutions other than our Bank in which our employees attend to stay up to date on the current practices in the sector and their fields of expertise.  

These are programs specially designed for the business line and are meant to fulfill the recurring training requirements of our employees who work in those various business lines at our Bank.

Video training and e-trainings play a significant role in the Şekerbank educational system. Regardless of where they are or what time it is, our employees can use their computers or mobile devices to access a variety of training courses simultaneously.

Our e-training platform, ŞekerAkademi, has been providing personal and technical training to our employees since 2005. Şekerbank has established itself as one of the top banks in the sector by utilizing the e-learning system with engaging and cutting-edge apps and having its ŞekerAkademi interface and content updated in 2022.