Financial and Social Opportunities

Take a closer look at the extensive financial and social benefits we provide to our employees!

Financial and Social Opportunities at Şekerbank

We provide our employees with 12 salaries and offer performance bonuses at Şekerbank.

All employees are subject to the Social Security Fund Foundation and the Supplemental Social Security and Aid Fund Foundation.

All Şekerbank employees receive a specific amount of food assistance, considering the period's conditions and the region they work in.

Our Bank's Headquarters has a service application for our employees.

All of our employees who document the required score level on the TOEFL, TOEIC, or YDS are subject to foreign language compensation.

In compliance with current conditions, our personnel are supplied with private accident insurance for directors and the titles listed below for directors against all types of accidents.

Executives with the title of Service Manager and above are provided with life insurance following current conditions.

Şekerbank employees have social benefits such as marriage licence, immigration compensation, maternity leave, holiday leave, clothing support, natural disaster aid, and aid assistance in case of death, depending on their positions