Inclusivity and Female Banking

We facilitate the access of women to financing to empower those women in the periphery.

Şekerbank is always by your side to ensure women's employment and economic participation!

Increase production and more evenly distribute labor. We're shifting focus to banking. With our women's banking approach, we include women in production and the workforce, and we forge new ground in the world of inclusive finance through our digital channels.

Take a look at women's banking activities!

We support women to be included in the economy via production

We apply to enable the segments who are not introduced to the international micro-financing lending which is set as one of the main elements of our mission to our country, to support female producers via digital banking channels developed for tradespeople and farmers to continue to lead the way for the first applications in Turkey in financial inclusion field.

We work for the equal distribution of the resources

While supporting general economic growth that would benefit the entire society by protecting equal economic rights and expanding to the basis, our bank follows the SDG-2, SDK-5, SDK-8 and SDK-17 purposes which are Zero Hunger, Gender Equality, Decent Work and Economic Growth and Partnership for Goals of United Nations with our pioneering services and activities under financial inclusion and female banking.

The power of women, the future of our country
So that our women can continue production.

We provide privileges to female entrepreneurs and businesses that focus on female employment and female cooperatives and facilitate access to finance with a grace period and advantageous interest rates.

Number of producers we provide microfinanceNumber of producers we provide microfinance


Şekerbank women's banking success stories inspire women!

Şahsene Atalay, who started her own business with Şekerbank microfinance, continues to work today to establish her own farm. Şahsene Atalay, who was born as the youngest child of a family of five children, in the village of Karaköy in the Çavdar district of Burdur in 1968, draws attention with her success story. The story of Atalay, who is the mother of three children, two girls, and a boy, begins with helping her family by grazing the sacrificial sheep belonging to someone else.

The life of Atalay, who takes care of her children and her sick husband while grazing the sheep, begins to change in 2015 when she meets the micro-credit team experts of Şekerbank. Atalay, who started his own business by buying sheep thanks to the financial support he obtained with the Family Farming Rural Development Support Loan, receives the greatest support from Şekerbank in the steps he takes towards his dream. Şahsene Atalay, who continues to grow her business by buying sheep and lambs with the micro-credit she uses, and buys her house in the village with the money she earns from her job, aims to increase the number of animals and establish a farm with 100 - 150 animals.

Oylat Women's Cooperatives, which was founded by 44 women living in six rural neighborhoods in the Oylat region of Bursa's İnegöl district, brings home-made natural products together with users under the "Oylat Çiftlik" brand, which is established with the financial support it receives from Şekerbank.

Dedoğlu and Çolak Pehlivan Villages Agricultural Development Cooperative, which we have been with since its establishment, produces many local products from bread to white baklava, from pancakes to village pasta and tarhana, and brings them together with its customers under the brand name of "Devrek Güneşi".

The members of Battalgazi Kalbi Women's Cooperative, established in Battalgazi Municipality of Malatya, emphasize that they receive great economic support from Şekerbank microloans. In the cooperative, many natural products that housewives prepare by working are offered for sale through online stores and virtual markets without intermediaries.

We support women's empowerment and participation in the workforce with women's banking training.

We are aware of the importance of informing individuals correctly and undertaking activities to support financial literacy for all individuals equally benefit from financial services under inclusive financing. We started a financial literacy training program for women to support female participation in the workforce and increase awareness and financial efficiency about financing according to inclusive financing.

We developed custom alternative lending models for tradespeople, farmers, female entrepreneurs and micro business owners who are included in “Micro Financing” for Individuals Who Are Not Introduced to Banking Services but are different from SMEs and individual customers due to their structures. We started to apply the first micro-financing lending model in Turkey in 2006 under the consultancy of IPC (Internationale Projekt Consult, GmbH). We contribute to financial literacy in the rural areas with lending model based on cash flow according to the total household income that aims to increase entrepreneurship capability and production capacity via face-to-face communication.

As a reflection of the sharing culture that comes from our corporate structure, we support women to be collectively included in the production via female cooperatives and apply special lending processes to female producer cooperatives.

As the sustainable bank of Turkey, Şekerbank is always with our women who produce women's banking with their cooperation!

Financial Supports

The studies in the field of Inclusivity and Women's Banking are in two groups: financial and non-financial support. We offer tailored lending models and products for the target audience in the financial field.

Training, Consultancy, and Mentoring Support

We support our women to have knowledge about basic financial issues and to participate in the job market. In addition, we continue to provide access to the virtual marketplace and e-commerce applications by performing mentoring and consulting services on a project basis with Fintech business associations.

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