New graduates are welcomed at Şekerbank!

We have opportunities available suited for their training and career ambitions for new graduates who intend to step into the banking profession, who are persuasive, energetic, and interact effectively with customers!

Your dream career awaits you at Şekerbank!

We at Şekerbank create job openings for energetic, ethical, hardworking, and open-minded individuals who would like to work in regional offices and branches all across Turkey, including head office positions through new graduate programs.

Here are the new graduate programs and positions that you can apply for at Şekerbank!

In compliance with our Bank's policies, teller assistants carefully and consistently open and close bank deposit accounts, and carry out the cash proceeds and cash delivery in Turkish lira and foreign currencies. Teller assistants communicate directly with customers and assist our Bank's sales staff in keeping with their demands, in addition to the routine banking transaction. In recruiting for our Bank's teller assistant positions, we are recruiting for candidates who have at least a bachelor's degree. We offer you the possibility to continue your career as a sales representative in the branches in your career based on your performance evaluations.

Şekerbank provides consumers with innovative product and service solutions that serve their needs and requirements. Customer representative maintains active and engaging relationships with the customer portfolio by offering high-quality, quick, and effective banking services.

Retail Banking

Customer representative focuses on customers' needs and sells products that fulfill their needs, such as home loans, EKOredi, auto loans, and credit cards, with an energetic, sincere, and strong relationship with them. It strives to deliver effective customer satisfaction through empathizing with the customers.

Enterprise Banking

Employees in SME banking provide the solutions suited for the customer portfolio, consisting of tradespeople who want to grow their businesses stronger. SME customer representatives accurately analyze customers' needs in consideration of market conditions, detect risks, and attempt to achieve persuasive customer satisfaction by acting patiently and consistently.

Agricultural Banking

Customer representative in agricultural banking offers agricultural-related products and services, such as Hasat POS, Hasat Card, and agricultural Insurance, based on the needs and requirements of customers engaging in agriculture, plus makes risk analysis. Agricultural customer representative prioritizes the locality in relationships with farmers by making village visits and providing products and solutions that match the expectations and demands of customers most efficiently and effectively achievable. Customer representative with an active and engaging banking approach provides consumers with speedy, high-quality, and effective banking services.

SME Banking

Customer representative provides the most suitable products (credit, POS, etc.) to be a solution partner to its medium-sized tradespeople and SMEs customer portfolio. Customer representatives in SME banking accurately evaluate customer demands and the sector, estimate risk, and deliver a beneficial customer experience. In their career journey, we provide our SME Banking employees with the option to advance their careers in Commercial Banking.

Corporate / Commercial Banking

Employees in corporate and commercial banking cultivate long-term relationships with their large-scale business customers. They expand their customer portfolio by conducting sector and company analyses following our Bank's requirements. They determine the expectations and demands of firms with high-risk perceptions and provide rapid, high-quality, and effective banking services.

Assistant Inspector

We welcome new graduates to apply for the Assistant Inspector's application process if they enjoy researching and reading, are inquisitive, will not get bored dealing with details, and have a good command of English. Through inspections, exams, and investigations, Şekerbank Assistant Inspectors ensure that transactions carried out in branches, regional, and head office units comply with our Bank's policies and regulations and work to reduce operational risks.

Management Trainee

New graduates with strong analytical skills, a motivation to communicate with bank employees who are also internal customers, and fluency in English are recommended to apply for Management Trainee positions.

Sales and Marketing

  • Corporate Banking
  • Retail Banking
  • SME Banking
  • Chain of Distribution 
  • Agricultural Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Product Development, CRM
  • Commercial Banking

Credits Management

  • Tracing
  • Allocation
  • Forensic Follow-up
  • Configuration and Analysis

Other Positions

  • Treasury/Financial Institutions
  • Sustainable Development Banking, Corporate Communications
  • Internal Control, Risk Management, Compliance
  • Budget and Strategic Planning, Financial Control
  • Information technologies
  • Procurement, Organization
  • Human Resources