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Shareholder Structure of Şekerbank
Shareholders Number of Shares Nominal Value (TL) % of Shares
Şekerbank T.A.Ş. Voluntary Pension Fund 576.786.000,80 576.786.000,80 31,01%
Samruk - Kazyna Invest LLP 224.353.417,47 224.353.417,47 12,06%
 Şekerbank T.A.Ş. Personnel Supplementary Social Security and. Solidarity Fund 119.730.103,73 119.730.103,73  6,44%
 Other 939.130.478,00 939.130.478,00 50,49% 
 Total 1.860.000.000,00  1.860.000.000,00  100,00%



The Bank’s capital does not include privileged shares.

The Bank does not have real person shareholders who own more than 5% share.

Please click to see “Breakdown of legal and real person shareholders holding more than 5% of the capital of the Bank”