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Şeker Çocuk Magazine has been published for 40 years...

Having been published for 40 years free of charge by Şekerbank, Şeker Çocuk Magazine reaches out tens of thousands of children through distribution in Şekerbank branches across Turkey and hundreds of village schools, children's shelters of the Society for the Protection of Children, and hospitals in Anatolia. Şeker Çocuk Magazine, including entertaining, educating subjects improving the children's skills and published threemonthly with contents arranged so as to support the education of the primary education children, has started to be published in Braille Alphabet for the visually-impaired children since the year 2010. The magazine is delivered free of charge to schools for the visually impaired persons and rehabilitation centers across Turkey.

All Children should be Happy!

In 1965 Şekerbank played a Pioneer role in the banking sector of Turkey by building schools in five villages that did not have schools before,  while the number of schools it built in various regions of Turkey increased to 18 within a short period. This pioneering stance of Şekerbank in the field of education was awarded with a plaque by the Ministry of National Education in the year 1981. 

Nowadays, in line with its sustainable development target Şekerbank reaches out large masses in the education field by means of its widespread branch network, covering Turkey in 67 cities and 90 off-center districts.

With the social responsibility campaign called ‘All Children should be Happy!’ carried out periodically since 2010 under the cooperation of Şeker Çocuk Magazine and ADEV (Research Support Education Foundation), Şekerbank provides books to the libraries and toys to the pre-school classes especially for the underprivileged children of Anatolia. 

Within the scope of this campaign, the new or “in good shape” books and toys are collected at the “All Children should be Happy!” stands in Şekerbank branches across Turkey and head office buildings from the Şekerbank employees and customers and sent to the schools in need after being sorted by the ADEV volunteers . It is planned to repeat periodically this campaign that has created a bond of affection between Şekerbank and Anatolia, thus making this support on a continuous basis.