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Şekerbank Receives a ‘Leaders in Water Management’ Award

Şekerbank has introduced energy efficiency to over 87 thousand people with EKOkredi loans developed to support investment in the efficient use of natural resources, has now won the ‘CDP 2016 Turkey Water Leaders Award’ for its work in the scope of responsible water management. The award that is given in the scope of the ‘Water Program’ of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) platform, a global platform for environmentally aware companies, is a symbol of Şekerbank’s success in efficient water usage, both in its own operations and its farming customers.

Şekerbank has achieved many environmental awards to date on both national and international platforms due to its extensive work in energy efficiency and has now won the ‘CDP 2016 Turkey Water Leaders’ award. In the scope of CDP, a platform on which global companies report on their environmental impact to international investors to fight climate change, the Bank voluntary participated in the ‘CDP Water Program’ and took  its place among the Turkish Leaders. The program, coordinated in Turkey by Sabancı University Corporate Governance Forum, scores the efforts of companies to use water resources efficiently and the improvements they make on water consumption in their buildings and business. Şekerbank achieved this award through improvements made on water consumption in buildings operations and efforts put into efficient use of water in agricultural loans which brought the bank’s evaluation score in the CDP Water Program to Leader (A-).

The ‘CDP 2016 Turkey Water Leadership’ award was presented by the CDP Water Program to Şekerbank’s General Manager Servet Taze at the ceremony held in the Zorlu Performing Arts Center. 

Servet Taze: “We introduced 7 thousand farmers to energy efficiency”
Şekerbank General Manager Servet Taze explained that the bank has taken on a leadership role in the sector by  evaluating the environmental impact of their operations and  loans  and said the following about the award: “We have introduced energy efficiency to 7 thousand of our farmers with EKOkredi farming loan  we  developed to finance our mission of sustainable agriculture. With a variety of different investments made in everything from modern irrigation techniques to insulation, from waste management to solar energy, we have contributed to agricultural productivity and increased the revenue of our farmers. By using modern irrigation techniques our farmers saved 50 percent on water, increased their efficiency and preserved our water resources. Considering that 75 percent of the total water consumption in Turkey, just like in the rest of the world, is used for agricultural irrigation, we emphasize responsible water use in our operations and we make sure our farmers are also familiar with efficient irrigation techniques. With this leadership role we have undertaken in Turkey we aim to introduce 3 thousand more farmers to better energy efficiency in the next three years.”