İnternet Şubesi

Instant application and PIN through our branches 

You can make your application for retail or corporate internet banking and receive your PIN immediately by visiting our branch nearest to you. 

You can make your banking transactions rapidly, easily and securely through the wall hung computers in our branches, which are designated for accessing the internet branch.


You can obtain your Internet Branch PIN and password instantly by using your Şekerbank credit card or ATM Card, and conduct banking transactions easily without having to go to the branch. 

I'm your customer, but I have never accessed the Internet branch; what should I do?
Without the need to go to any branch, you can access the retail internet branch rapidly, easily and securely by using your credit card or ATM card information, and benefit our advantages special to you.

Upon clicking the "Internet Branch Application" button on the home screen of the personal internet branch, enter the required details on screens of "Internet Branch New Customer" and follow the directions, and start using the advantages of internet banking immediately. Please click here to take an instant PIN.

I'm not your customer; how can I apply to the Internet Branch?
Immediately after you have filed your application with the Şekerbank branch nearest to you, the Internet banking PIN and definition transactions will be made instantly at our branches, and your PIN will be sent to your mobile phone. You can access the retail Internet branch rapidly, easily and securely with the “password” and “your customer number” you have received from the branch and the Internet Branch PIN sent to your mobile phone.


How will I apply to the Corporate Internet Branch?
You can make your application in Şekerbank Branches, and take your PIN immediately. Your branch will forward your customer number to you. During the access, you are required to use your customer number and your user code written on your application form.

Your Customer Number:
It is the number informed to you by your branch during your application, which identifies you in Şekerbank, and to which all your accounts are connected.
Your User Code:
The code requested during your application, which must be different for each internet user.
Your Password:
If you will access the Şekerbank Internet Branch for the first time, you must enter it as “parola”. After you have accessed your internet branch successfully, you will have to change this password. Your password can be 6 to 8 characters long and include numbers as well, but it cannot be composed of numbers only.
Your PIN:
The internet banking PIN is given by our branches instantly, and if you forget the PIN, Password and/or User Code, you can receive them from the branch again.

We invite you to our nearest branch for advantages special to you in our internet branch.