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1. Working Principles of the Sustainable Banking Committee

1. Formation of the Sustainable Banking Committee;
  ● General Manager or Acting General Manager - Chairman
  ● Independent Board Member – Observer Member
  ● Executive Vice President responsible for Strategy – Vice President
  ● Executive Vice President responsible for Financial Institutions – Member
  ● Executive Vice President responsible for SME, Retail, and Agricultural Banking – Member 
  ● Executive Vice President responsible for Treasury – Member
  ● Executive Vice President responsible for Credit Management – Member 
  ● Corporate and Commercial Banking Group Head – Member 
  ● Human Resources Group Head – Member 
  ● Financial Institutions and Investor Relations Department Head – Member
  ● Corporate Communication and Advertising  Department Head - Member
  ● Sustainable Development Banking Division Head – Member (Secretary)
2. The Sustainable Banking Committee convenes minimum once a year.
3. In case of need, additional meeting(s) can be held apart from the meeting calender.
4. The agenda of the meeting is determined and consolidated by the Sustainable Development Banking Division considering the opinions of the members.
5. The Committee may invite the related businness units to the meeting if neccessary for the opinions of experts.
6. The secretariat of the Committee is executed by the Sustainable Development Banking Division.
7. The decisions taken at the meeting are signed and recorded by the committee members. Additionally, the decisions taken are informed to the relevant units through the Bank’s communication channels. 

2. Duties and Responsibilities of the Sustainable Banking Committee

1. Prepare the social and environmental policies and projects devoted to strengthen the Sustainability Strategy, to integrate them to the Bank’s structure, and present them to the Board of Directors.
2. Work on the implementation of the Sustainability Strategy and policies approved by the Board of Directors. 
3. Work towards determining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Bank Sustainability strategy, action plans, and related performance criteria.
4. Periodically report the performance of the titles determined within the scope of Sustainable Development to the Board of Directors.
5. Perform the necessary activites for the action plans and related performance criteria to be conducted in accordance with the activities, approved goals and targets.
6. Ensure coordination for the implementation of the decisions taken within the institutional structure and determine the duties, authorities and responsibilities of all units in this context.
7. Ensure that relevant trainings are organized towards the Sustainable Strategy and policies. 
8. Carry out studies to strengthen internal communication and awareness on issues under the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. 
9. Anually review the policies, targets, operating principles, management systems and performance realizations regarding sustainability issues and submit the necessary changes to the approval of the Board of Directors.