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Almost 120 thousand people meet energy efficiency through EKOkredi...

In addition to reducing the negative effects caused by climate change, financing energy efficiency investments is one of the most important issues that the banking sector should focus on in terms of ensuring energy security both globally and locally.

As a matter of fact, in Turkey which imports a large part of its energy, supporting energy efficiency and renewable energy investments provides a significant added value, and accordingly, energy efficiency has been given a special place in Turkey's 11th Development Plan.

Thanks to Şekerbank EKOkredi, 109,902 retail customers and 10,353 SME, craftsmen and farmer customers, more than 120,000 customers in total, have meet energy saving. Thanks to the energy efficiency investments made with EKOkredi, 32 billion kilowatt-hour energy has been saved and totally 6.8 million tons of CO2 emission has been prevented thus far. Within the scope of EKOkredi, more than 168,000 houses have been insulated and 143,7 million cubic-meters of natural gas has been saved. 

The Bank represented Turkey at the Rio + 20 United Nations Sustainable Development Summit with EKOkredi, which was selected as the best sustainable practice by the Ministry of Development in 2012.
The pioneering role of Şekerbank in the field of financing energy efficiency also ensures that it takes part in the preparation processes of the country’s strategy documents and development plans.

Thanks to its international recognition in the field of sustainable banking, Şekerbank has received about 30 percent of the liabilities in its balance sheet to finance energy efficiency and renewable energy investments.

The Bank serves the United Nations’ SDG-7 and SDG-17 objectives with its efforts on making sustainable and modern energy accessible to everyone and reducing energy consumption per unit of service or product quantity without reducing the production or service quality.

While financing energy efficiency investments in terms of both saving for individuals and institutions and supporting the sustainability of natural resources, Şekerbank offers no-interest or low interest loans and grace periods for those who want to invest in this field.

Social and Environmental Impact Management in Lending
Şekerbank attaches importance to measuring the social and environmental impacts of the loans it provides, and has been continuously developing the Social and Environmental Management System, which has been established with the guidance of the World Bank Group organization International Finance Corporation (IFC), as an indispensable part of its business processes. As one of the first commercial banks that implemented the Social and Environmental Management System in the lending processes in Turkey, Şekerbank does not lend funds to the sectors harmful to the environment and social life in international norms and guides its customers to make investments that are environment-friendly and are sensitive to society. The Bank aims to contribute to the improvement of its activities by increasing the sustainability awareness of its customers through continuous feedback and follow-up in order to rehabilitate the negative results within this scope and to sustain the positive results.

For Energy Efficiency Investments: EKOkredi
With EKOkredi, which was developed for the first time in Turkey in 2009 within the scope of financing energy efficiency, Şekerbank aims to support all kinds of investments in energy saving, as well as creating social awareness about the importance of energy efficiency, protecting nature and our common future.
In this context, the Bank supports all kinds of projects that increase energy efficiency, such as insulation, solar and wind energy systems, waste treatment and waste management, natural gas conversion, class A electrical devices, efficient heating and cooling systems, efficient lighting systems, and modern irrigation equipment.

With Şekerbank EKOkredi, almost 120 thousand people in total, including 109 thousand 597 individuals and 10 thousand 313 SMEs, tradesmen and farmers, met energy saving. With the energy efficiency investments made with EKOkredi, 31.8 billion kilowatt-hours of energy has been saved and a total of 6.8 million tons of CO2 emission has been prevented so far. In addition, 143,7 million cubic meters of natural gas was saved within the scope of EKOkredi, where more than 168 thousand houses were insulated

Support in Combating Climate Change
In addition to supporting efforts to raise awareness on this issue by financing energy efficiency, Şekerbank has been working regularly to reduce its own carbon footprint as part of the CDP Climate Change Program since 2010, measuring its carbon emissions and reporting to international investors.