Internet Banking

As stated in the national economy programs, establishing an economic infrastructure that will ensure sustainable growth in Turkey, encouraging value-added production in sectors with intense competitive power, supporting exports and employment have the top priority.

For 68 years, Şekerbank has supported an economic development model based on production and savings rather than consumption, and this principle has formed the common denominator of all its activities.

The 54 percent share allocated by Şekerbank for SME loans in its own loan portfolio is about twice the average of the Turkish banking sector, and this difference is much more pronounced in the number of customers that these loans reach.

For a sustainable growth model rising from the bottom, Şekerbank supports the UN's SDG-8, SDG-9 and SDG-17 objectives by directing its resources to value-added domestic production, qualified workforce increase and exports.

Prioritizing companies that protect their employment, provide value-added production and increase their exports for a sustainable economic growth, Şekerbank supports responsible investments in this scope with free, discounted products and services.

'Our Door is Open to Tradesmen' platform ...

Şekerbank creates social platforms on topics that are of great importance in sustainable development such as energy efficiency, tradesmen and agriculture, in cooperation with the real sector-public-finance sector-NGOs. In this context, in 2013, the Bank launched the "Our Door is Open to Tradesmen" platform, which is the first and only for our country and is exclusive to tradesmen. Within the scope of the "Open" platform, it is aimed to increase the business volume of the tradesmen and thus to keep their businesses open and to revive the production and the economy of the country. With its 'Open' platform, Şekerbank encourages consumers to shop from tradesmen.

The bridge between international financial institutions and Anatolian SMEs

Şekerbank is considered as the "key bank of Turkey" by international financial institutions especially in reaching the local, producers, tradesmen and SMEs in Anatolia. Approximately 50 percent of the funding Şekerbank provides from abroad is the resources obtained for agriculture, tradesmen and SME customers.

In 2011, Şekerbank issued the world's first SME loan-secured Asset-Backed Securities (ABS) and established a sustainable financing bridge between international financial institutions and Anatolian SMEs. Şekerbank, which has made a total of approximately 1 billion 830 million TL issuance since September 2011 within the scope of the ABS program with SME Loans, directs the provided resource as long-term and sustainable financing support to tradesmen, SMEs and enterprises to support production. This transaction, which is the first Turkish Lira borrowing transaction structured in international markets, constitutes an exemplary model for the banking sector to create alternative resources in the process of supporting sustainable growth.