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Anatolia meets contemporary art through Açıkekran…

Developing projects that create added value in the fields of rural development, culture-art, education and environment in accordance with the sustainable development vision, Şekerbank was among the first in the sector to open art galleries in Ankara in 1980s. 

Furthering its banking activities today on both national and international platforms, Şekerbank has launched the Açıkekran New Media Arts platform within the scope of its mission to familiarize society with art and to support art production through integration at a local and global scale. 

The idea of introducing art to masses through the new media without depending only on gallery venues has been turned into practice by means of Şekerbank’s branch network surrounded all over Turkey, thus, under the umbrella of 'Açıkekran' Şekerbank branches in cities from Alpullu to Mardin have started to bring contemporary art to local public, being the exhibition centers and hosting international artists. 

The art works are moved to Şekerbank branches by means of special monitors simultaneously with Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts platform, and these works of arts can be seen 24 hours at 9 Şekerbank branches in 8 cities:  Center Istanbul, Küçükesat and Kızılay-Ankara, Alpullu-Tekirdağ, Ordu, Izmir, Bodrum, Mardin and Edirne.

At the beginning of 2016, after Açıkekran New Media Arts, Şekerbank gained its  gallery in the headquarters building including different types of contemporary art, Açıkekran Levent, into the world of art. Different from Açıkekran New Media Arts, which displays video and new media, Açıkekran Levent brings contemporary art works created in different mediums such as painture, sculpture, photography and installation to the art lovers.

Through “Açıkekran” Şekerbank aims to bring visual arts to different segments of the society, to contribute into the spread of the love of art and to introduce the art world with leading artists and newly developed local talents of our country. Within the scope of the contemporary art practice the Bank aims to build up knowledge and memory by introducing new forms of expression and artistic works to peripheries via its branches.