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Especially in the last quarter century, the rapid increase in the world population and the increase in the share taken by the developing countries from the world GDP increased the number of people participating in consumption and consequently the food demand. On the other hand, the increase in agricultural areas triggered by migration from rural areas to metropolises has revealed the future food security problem at the highest level.

Şekerbank’s founding purpose is to finance sustainable agriculture and it is the bank that allocates the largest share in its portfolio to the financing of agriculture in the Turkish banking sector. 99% of the farmers to whom the Bank provides funds are small producers, and for generations, more than 350,000 farmers across Turkey continue to produce with the support of Şekerbank.

Considering the importance of the agricultural sector for employment, Şekerbank continues to play an active role in the financing of sustainable agriculture and supports the United Nations ' SDG-2, SDG-5 and SDG-17 objectives with its activities in this field.

Şekerbank prioritizes all farmer customers who invest in sustainable agriculture and aims to raise its awareness on this issue both in the urban population and in the countryside.

Family Farming Banking
Within the scope of Family Farming Banking initiated by Şekerbank in 2014 for the first time in Turkey in order to support farmer families, which are key to the continuity of agricultural production in the country as in the world, 12,5 billion TL has been provided so far.

Şekerbank, which initiated the said initiative based on the declaration of 2014 as the "International Year of Family Farming" by the United Nations World Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), aimed to support the sustainability of production by reducing the migration of farmers from rural areas to urban areas.

Within the scope of Family Farming Banking, many products and services are offered that can be summarized as combining small lands resulting from land division through inheritance, supporting rural development cooperatives, increasing productivity with investments in agricultural equipment or energy saving, and encouraging collective agriculture.

Energy Efficiency in Agriculture
Şekerbank supports its energy efficiency investments in agriculture with favorable payment terms in order to increase productivity and total revenue in agricultural production thanks to the effective management of energy costs, as well as the goal of reducing the negative effects of climate change.

With "EKOkredi Agriculture", a sub-item of EKOkredi, Turkey's pioneering product in financing energy efficiency, investments that contribute to the productivity of the farmer such as modern irrigation equipment and solar panels that generate electricity are financed.