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Widespread Banking

‘Our Doors are open to Craftsmen’ platform...
Through collaborations with the real sector, public and financial sectors, NGOs Şekerbank created social platforms in the areas that are very important for sustainable development such as the energy efficiency, craftsmen, agriculture. In this context, during the 60th year of its operations the Bank has implemented the first and unique in the country, special platform for the craftsmen ‘Our Doors are open to Craftsmen’. Within the scope of the “Open” platform launched in February 2013 under the auspices of the Ministry of Customs and Trade and with the support of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK) in order to revitalize production and at the same time the national economy by increasing the craftsmen's business volume, and keeping their doors always open. Through the “Open”’ platform Şekerbank encourages the consumers to shop from the craftsmen. 

Inclusive Financing

Based on the reality that the sector including tradesmen, micro enterprises and small  businesses, which are within the SME definition but are separate both from SMEs and retail customers due to their structure, are not able to fully benefit from banking services Şekerbank has developed alternative loan processes customized for this segment. For the first time in our country Şekerbank began practicing this financing loan model special to customers of this nature within its mission of ‘Community Banking’. With the Micro financing Project that is implemented through face to face communication access to financing is now more widely available.

During this process that is applied to both merchants and customers in the agriculture sector in certain regions, the agricultural and commercial production of rural customers is evaluated as one and even if they have never used a bank loan before financing is made available to them. Şekerbank, which has started our country’s first Micro financing Project developed with international consulting companies, has thus far have provided nearly 10.7 million TRY finance by this time.


Bridge between international finance companies and Anatolian SMEs...

Şekerbank is regarded as the ‘key bank of Turkey’ in reaching out the local people, producers, craftsmen and SMEs located especially in Anatolia by the international financial institutions. Şekerbank has approximately USD 600 million foreign borrowings and more than 40% of the total foreign borrowings is aimed to finance the agriculture, craftsmen and SME customers. Şekerbank, as the first bank issued Asset-backed (SME loans-backed) Covered Bond (CB) in the world in 2011, is considered as a sustainable financial bridge between the international financial institutions and the SMEs located in Anatolia. Under the SME-backed Covered Bond Programme, Şekerbank issued in total around TL 1 billion and 830 million valued bonds since September 2011 in order to finance and support the craftsmen, SMEs and enterprises with the aim of supporting their long term and sustainable financial needs. As the first Turkish Lira debt instrument of the international markets, this transaction sets a model for the banking sector to create alternative sources to contibute sustainable development.