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Almost 113 thousand people meet energy efficiency through EKOkredi...


In May 2009 a new product named “EKOkredi; the credit that protects the Energy and Labor” was introduced as realization of Şekerbank’s understanding of sustainable development adopted in the form of the internal regulation, which includes the works carried out through national and international collaborations in recent years at the forefront of the global agenda in the field of energy saving and efficiency. 

With this product Şekerbank aims to create widespread energy efficiency awareness across the society through financing under appropriate circumstances the energy saving investments and expenditures in addition to communication and collaboration activities with NGO. 

Thanks to Şekerbank EKOkredi, 104,233 retail customers and 8,711 SME, craftsmen and farmer customers, almost 113,000 customers in total, have meet energy saving. Thanks to the energy efficiency investments made with EKOkredi, 30.3 billion kilowatt-hour energy has been saved and totally 6.6 million tons of CO2 emission has been prevented thus far. Within the scope of EKOkredi, more than 161,000 houses have been insulated and 140 million cubic-meters of natural gas has been saved. 

Şekerbank has acquired nearly 20% of the liabilities in its balance sheet to finance the energy efficiency and renewable energy investments thanks to its international recognition in the area of financing of the sustainable development. 

Through its works carried out within the frame of EKOkredi, Şekerbank is engaged in numerous activities to create awareness from local to national level with regard to conservation of the wasted labor, thus providing saving. In this context, EKOkredi that manages to bring consumers, the real sector and the non-governmental organizations together continues to provide benefits intended for both our national economy and sustainable development in a broad spectrum.