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67 Years in Sustainable Development Banking...


Şekerbank T.A.Ş. was founded in 1953 in Anatolia as a cooperative bank with the small savings of thousands of sugar beet cooperative member farmers in order to finance agriculture, rural development and local production. Today as a nationwide commercial bank, Şekerbank T.A.Ş. is honored to have preserved and carried out its founding mission of financing sustainable development for over the past 67 years.

Şekerbank T.A.Ş. stands out in its know-how of local community banking knowledge thanks to it’s branch network, across 67 cities and almost 87 off-center districts in Turkey, 72% of which are located in the Anatolia region, outside of the country’s three largest cities.

With awareness for sustainable vision in banking and a deep rooted knowledge in this field Şekerbank has determined financing sustainable development as the main basis for its operations by aiming to increase the value it adds to its customers, shareholders, employees, the public and the environment more each day and has defined principles at the Board of Directors level in this field to guide this strategy.

By developing the mission of 'Community Banking' from its establishment with an international perspective in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Şekerbank conducts its work in the framework of National Development Plans while aiming to contribute to the country’s goals in the field of sustainability.

The sustainability principles, which are determined and monitored at Şekerbank’s Board of Director’s level and executed by the General Manager and Executive Vice President, are integrated with the Bank’s main fields of operation and are implemented in coordination with all administrators as well as the field.

Şekerbank conducts work in the scope of sustainable development banking to provide sustainable development financing with both social and environmental dimensions. The Bank has adapted all its operations that can be summarized under the headings of financing energy efficiency, taking into account environmental and social impacts in loan processes, financial inclusion, financing sustainable agriculture and supporting women’s enterprises with the United National Sustainable Development Goals.

Şekerbank has gathered its operations realized with a “sustainable development’ approach and main commitments in this field under the following headings:

•To make environmental and social impact assessment part of the loan evaluation process, increase customer sensitivity/awareness by sharing information with customers about the social and environmental impacts of projects and improving the performance of companies on this subject,
•To take place in platforms that combat climate change, determine and assess the environmental and social impacts of conducting banking activities and work on minimizing these impacts,
•To monitor the use of resources at locations where operations are conducted, to minimize the amount of generated waste, and where it is not possible, to reuse or recycle waste through applicable methods,
•To ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by financing investments in this field with favorable conditions and creating  widespread awareness in the field of energy efficiency,      
•To organize and monitor business goals with a sustainable development focused approach while supporting production activities
•To reach out to segments that are not able to utilize banking services sufficiently and support the development of banking operations in the field of financial inclusion,
•To support more farmers, merchants and businesses with alternative loan processes,
•To establish a long term, sustainable bridge of finance between financial institutions and the SMEs in Anatolia with its accumulation of knowledge in local banking,
•To play a leading role in the corporate governance processes,
•To act with a diversity policy and opportunity equality approach in human resources procedures,
•To create social platforms by cooperating with the private sector, the public sector and nongovernmental organizations,
•To support culture, art, environment, education and health related projects and activities for the preservation and sustainability of natural resources and cultural assets within the scope of our Bank's social responsibility strategy.

Şekerbank has been assessing social and environmental impact in all its loan processes since 2009 in the scope of combating climate change. The Bank has also been measuring its own carbon footprints since 2010 and its water footprint since 2016 and reporting these to international investors through the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP). Şekerbank, winner of many environmental awards on both national and international platforms thanks to pioneer work on energy efficiency, won the “CDP 2016 Turkey Water Leadership award.

Coordinated by Turkey’s Ministry of Development, Şekerbank’s EKOkredi project was chosen one of the best practices in energy efficiency at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. Şekerbank participated in Rio+20 as the sole representative of the Turkish financial services industry.

Şekerbank support international enterprises such as the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC), Women Empowerment Principles (WEP) and the United Nations Environment Program Finance Initiative (UNEP-FI) in sustainability. Şekerbank moreover ranks among 130 banks from around the world joining the Principles for Responsible Banking launched by United Nations Environment Programme - Finance Initiative (UNEP FI) as founding signatories.

Sustainability Reports

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