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An exhibition “integrated with nature” at Şekerbank Açıkekran


Şekerbank   Açıkekran  New Media Arts Gallery will host Elmas Deniz video artist who has been working on relationship between art and nature as a subject matter, with a solo show titled “Integration with Nature” on March 26-June 21, 2019.

“Made to be Seen”, one of the videos within “Integration with Nature” by Elmas Deniz, who is featured in numerous exhibitions in local and international art scene, will be streamed at 9 Şekerbank branches in 8 cities simultaneously with Açıkekran New Media Art Gallery, the first new media and video art gallery of Turkey.

Şekerbank Açıkekran, the new media arts platform bringing art, intellectuality and technology together to introduce contemporary art with wider audiences, will host the solo show of video artist Elmas Deniz. The exhibition, which will be hosted by Açıkekran between March 26 and June 21, 2019, underscores the paradigm shift in the relationship between nature and human today, a theme Deniz tackles sometimes with irony and sometimes with respect as an artist who has examined the relationship of art and nature throughout her career.

Elmas Deniz focuses on nature and points to the perception of nature through images that allude to the concept of “sublime” in the history of art, as the context of the exhibition curated by Ali Akay. “Human-less”, one of the lays nature bare as is, with all the beauty and wildness it has. In the video, Deniz reveals the dreadful feeling of remaining ‘human-less’ when faced with beauty, which Kant described as the “terrifying sublime”. The video titled “Made to be Seen” narrates the encounter between nature and a gaze that departs the city. This artwork brings to mind that relaxing and breathing in nature is one of the vital activities bestowed upon by nature. The video titled “The Tree I Want to Buy” examines, by using artistic irony, the desire of consumption felt by people who live in the city, and looks into a world in which even a tree on a road becomes a commodity.

Şekerbank brings contemporary art to Anatolia through its branches, thereby enhancing access to art and culture With Açıkekran, the first art platform focused on new media and video in Turkey, One of the videos within the exhibition “Made to Be Seen” will take the audiences in 9 Şekerbank branches across Turkey on a thought-provoking journey

Exhibition Details
Human-less: 6' 11", 2015
Made to be Seen, 6' 07" , 2017
The tree I Want to Buy: 5' 00", 2014