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56 percent of loans are given to SMEs at Şekerbank…


The consolidated total loan volume in the first nine months of Şekerbank, which announced its consolidated financial tables dated September 30, 2018, has increased by 15 percent compared to the same period of last year to reach 24 billion TL. The consolidated asset size of the Bank, as of the same date, increased by 20 percent annually to reach 36 billion TL.

Şekerbank, which earned a net profit of 108.8 million TL in the first nine months of the year, achieved a total equity of 2.5 billion TL as of 30.09.2018. According to the end of September financial statement of the Bank its total deposit volume increased by 34 percent annually to reach 24.7 Billion TL.

Şekerbank T.A.Ş. General Manager Servet Taze, who evaluated the consolidated financial tables dated 30.09.2018, pointed out that their priority is farmers, merchants and SMEs in line with Şekerbank’s mission to support production today just as it has been for 65 years, and added “56 percent of our loans as of the end of September are comprised of loans granted to SMEs. We continue decisively to contribute to our economy by supporting the farmers, merchants and SMEs that we reach through our widespread and deep rooted branches throughout Anatolia”.

Select Indicators of Şekerbank’s Consolidated Financial Results Dated 30.09.2018:
Total Assets: 36 billion TL                   
Total Loans: 24 billion TL  
Total Deposits: 24.7 billion TL                 
Equity: 2.5 billion TL                          
Net Profit: 108.8 million TL