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Açıkekran’s ‘Visit Surprise’ at the Contemporary Istanbul


This year Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery is participating the 13th edition of Contemporary Istanbul art fair which will be held at Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Convention and Exhibition Hall and Istanbul CongressCenter between r 20-23th of September, with the performance video titled ’Visit Surprise’ by German video artist and director Bettina Hutschek. This performance video has made based on the works of Russian artist Nicolas De Stael’s exhibitionat the Andre Malraux Modern Arts Museum, can be viewed at Açıkekran’s boothno. B2-102.

Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery greets art enthusiasts at the 13th edition of Contemporary Istanbul with famous video artist and director Bettina Hutschek’s 2014 performance video ‘Visit Surprise’ in which she intersects science and fiction on her art practice. The performance of the artist based on the abstract works of Russian painter Nicolas de Stael (1914-1955) included in the exhibition titled "Lumières du Nord, Lumières du Sud / Northern Lights, Southern Lights” presented at the Andre Malraux Modern Arts Museum, focuses on the healing power of art.

In this performance Bettina Hutschek introduces herself toaudience as a scientist assigned with duties in the “Institute of Science and Spirituality, Department of Paranormal Activity (ISS)” and provides information about De Stael’s abstract paintings in the scope of the exhibition guided tour. Hutschek provides a completely speculative narration on De Stael’s works. According to her narration, De Stael is presented as an artist that can make light a healing element from the materials he uses in his paintings; in fact she says that De Stael’s works have the energy, light and vibrations to heal even the most severe diseases. The relationship in the show between the image and the viewer is defined to have a healing quality by Hutschek.

Bettina Hutschek’s performance, in which she mythologizes Nicolas de Stael and his works and appeals toaudience to open their hearts to the healing power of art, will be available for viewing at the Açıkekran’s Contemporary Istanbul exclusive fair installation.

Şekerbank Açıkekran takes theartlovers on a magical journey with Bettina Hutschek’s video and continues to contribute   art by bringing the contemporary art to Anatolia through its branches with Açıkekran monitors. The fair installation curated by Ali Akay will be open to visitors on September 20-23.

Video info
Bettina Hutschek
Visite Surprise
Duration: 11' 02"
Year: 2014/15