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Şekerbank grew 28 percent in SME loans …


The second quarter asset size of Şekerbank T.A.Ş., which disclosed its nonconsolidated financial tables dated 30.06.2018, has reached 32.6 billion TL with an annual increase of 21 percent while the first six months net profit was 71.4 million TL.

While the annual increase of the total loan volume for Şekerbank, which rose to 22 billion TL according to the end of June financial statement, was at 18 percent the annual growth of SME loans was 28 percent, in line with the bank’s focus on supporting production.

Compared to the same period of last year, Şekerbank’s deposit size reached 21.4 billion TL with an increase of 26 percent as of the end of the sixth month.

Servet Taze: “We have given half of our loans to SME and farming customers”

Şekerbank General Manager Servet Taze, who evaluated the nonconsolidated financial tables dated 30.06.2018, pointed out that bank placed priority on farmers and SMEs in its loan giving policies in line with the bank’s mission to support production that goes all the way back to its establishment. Taze said, “In the financial statement for the first half of the year half of our loan portfolio was comprised of loans we gave to SMEs and farming customers. When we look back at our performance over the past year we can see that we have achieved the highest growth in loans for the SMEs with an annual growth of 28 percent”.

Select Indicators of Şekerbank’s Nonconsolidated Financial Results Dated 30.06.2018:

Total Assets: 32.6 billion TL 
Total loans:
22 billion TL 
Total Deposits:
21.4 billion TL 
2.4 billion TL 
Net Profit:
71.4 millionTL