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An impressive union of art and science…


Susan Kleinberg at Şekerbank Açıkekran with “Equilibrium and Disequilibrium”…

Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery continues to bring the significant pieces of contemporary art to art followers with a new exhibition comprised of the videos of American artist Susan Kleinberg, who has had her work displayed in the prestigious museums, biennials, exhibitions and collections of the world throughout her career. ‘Equilibrium and disequilibrium’ the solo show of Kleinberg, who was invited last year by the Nobel Science Committee to the Nobel physics awards for her technology, art and science combining approach on ‘Balafre’ video that unites different disciplines like physics, quantum discoveries, art history, anthropology and psychoanalysis, will be at Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery on May 24 – October 26, 2018.

Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery is hosting Susan Kleinberg with her solo show titled ‘Equilibrium and disequilibrium’. Kleinberg was invited to the 2017 Nobel Physics Award by the Nobel Science Committee for her approach of combining technology, art and science with ‘Balafre’ video.

Mostly displaying her works in public areas using digital projection and sound particles together Susan Kleinberg frequently uses scientific data and research methods in her projects. Susan Kleinberg, who focuses on the tension between microcosmos and macrocosmos with the concept of equilibrium in her projects under the scope of ‘Equilibrium and Disequilibrium’ displayed to audiences at the Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery, questioning these concepts. The scientific references used by the artist are linked to the perfection in the world of organisms, the impossibility of bringing the difficult combinations of nature together and as a result vitalism. The exhibition emphasizes the fact that Kleinberg refers to the tension between equilibrium and disequilibrium to be attributable to the history of nature just as much as the history of mankind.

Şekerbank, which brings art to Anatolia through its branches over Açıkekran, Turkey’s first contemporary art platform focused on new media and video, continues to increase access to contemporary pieces. “P-Spin” video in the scope of the exhibit will be shown in 9 branches of Şekerbank located in 8 provinces throughout Turkey to take viewer on an impressive journey.

Exhibition details:

1) Balafre, 10' 18", 2016-2017
2) Tierra Sin Males, 4' 37", 2011
3) P-Spin, 9'11", 2007
4) Kairos, 17'45", 2014-2015

Note to the Editor:

Şekerbank, which started its art adventure in the 80s with the Ömer Sunar Art Gallery continued its activities in this field in Ankara until 2005. Continuing its banking operations today with a responsible banking approach, Şekerbank also conducts successful work in the field of culture by integrating the local with the global to support the arts through the Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery as a scope of its mission to bring the community closer to contemporary art.

Şekerbank aims to increase access to contemporary art and culture in the scope of its project in the field of “new media arts” that was brought to life in 2011 under the title of “Açıkekran”.

Through special designed monitors working simultaneously with the Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Art Gallery in Teşvikiye, one video from each exhibition is broadcasted 24 hours a day in the Istanbul-Central, Ankara Küçükesat and Kızılay, Tekirdağ Alpullu, Ordu, Izmir, Bodrum, Mardin and Edirne branches for a total of 9 Şekerbank branches located in 8 provinces.

Açıkekran New Media Art Gallery
Teşvikiye Cad. 37/1 Nişantaşı, Şişli – Istanbul, TR