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Şekerbank Açıkekran at the 12th Contemporary Istanbul…

 Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery will meet up with art lovers at the 12th Contemporary Art Istanbul, considered to be one of the world’s most prestigious art fairs.

 Ali Akay will curate the booth of Açıkekran, which will be participating in the fair with the works of Seza Paker comprised of conceptual stories. 

 Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery hosts Seza Paker, a name familiar to art lovers in conceptual art, at the 12th Contemporary Istanbul and will be greeting art lovers at Açıkekran’s no. B1-005 stand in the Art Institutions space, Istanbul Conference Center with her work titled ‘Untitled (How are You?) Architectural Colors’.

 Seza Paker, who presents dual photographs that are expressed with the ‘Pas de deux’ term in ballet and work together, uses sound and dia installation together with images that flow by in a rapid sequence so fast that it cannot be remembered. With symbols that Paker places in sequence from different venues and moments in time, she compacts time and moments like a machine. The artist, who incorporates the abilities of image and sound with the way memory works, narrates the emotion of the moment carried by rapidly flowing time with a conceptual approach.

 While Şekerbank Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery takes the audience on an enjoyable journey with the works of Seza Paker, these works will also be a center of attention at the Contemporary Istanbul’s Art Institution’s area.  

 Açıkekran, an institution that brings contemporary art to Anatolia through its branches over Şekerbank Turkey’s first new media and video focused art platform, continues to contribute to exhibiting contemporary art works.

Seza Paker
“Untitled (How are you?) Architectural Colors” (2006), 4’13”
(‘İsimsiz (Nasılsın?) Mimari Renkler’)