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1.2 billion TL in financing for farming families from Şekerbank

Şekerbank has announced its unconsolidated financial tables dated 31.12.2016. As of the end of 2016 the Bank brought its total loan size to 17.6 billion TL and has made a net profit of 125.2 million TL.

Established for the purpose of financing agriculture, Şekerbank has provided 1.2 billion TL in financing to farming families in 2016 within the scope of ‘Family Farming Banking’ that the bank started to prevent farmers rural-to-urban migration and to support sustainable farming.

The total deposit volume of Şekerbank, which especially has a well rooted and widespread deposit customer base throughout Anatolia, has increased by 8.5 percent compared to last year to reach 16.1 billion TL. In 2016 the bank reinforced its widespread deposit base to achieve 47 percent growth in individual deposits under 1 million TL.

As of 31.12.2016 the Bank’s solo assets size was 23.8 billion TL and total equity exceeded 2.5 billion TL.

Servet Taze: “Half of the loans are for SMEs and farmers

Şekerbank General Manager Servet Taze, who evaluated the Bank’s financial performance for 2016 said that the bank is continuing to provide support to SME, tradesmen and farmers who are the backbone of the economy and production, and added: “In 2016 we continued to provide resources to producers and the country’s economy. Around 50 percent of our total loan volume, which was 17.6 billion TL as of the end of 2016, was comprised of SMEs and agricultural loans. In line with our focus strategy for the term ahead of us, our highest growth goal will be in agriculture and micro and small scale business segments that define the SME group.”

“The number of people we provide support to is more important than the loan amount
Servet Taze mentioned on Şekerbank’s ‘Community Banking’ mission and pointed out that the number of people they were able to reach and contribute to their production was a greater priority than the loan volume. Taze continued: “Our average loan amount per customer in SMEs is around 72 thousand TL, which is about midway in the sector average, and this is an important indication of our widespread customer base in micro and small scale businesses. We will continue our leadership role in financial comprehensiveness with relatively less amounts but increased financing over a wide base.”