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10.08.2015 - Şekerbank makes net profit of TL 62.7 million in H1

Şekerbank T.A.Ş. have announced its solo financial statements of 30/06/2015. Accordingly, Şekerbank made a net profit of TL 62.7 million in the first half of the year.


As of 30/06/2015, Şekerbank’s total credit volume rose to TL 15.5 billion with a 12 percent y-o-y increase, while its asset size reached TL 22.3 billion.

As of the end of H1, Şekerbank's deposit volume rose to TL 14.3 billion, while the Bank's equity size approached TL 2.5 billion with a 15 percent y-o-y increase.


Halit Yıldız: “We have outgrown the sector, again, in the agricultural loans”

In his evaluation of the results of H1, Şekerbank General Manager Halit Yıldız stated that Şekerbank, whose founding mission is to support production, financed almost 15,000 farmer families for the first time in the first half of this year only and also added: 

“With the Family Farming Banking service we began to offer in the year 2014 for sustainability of the production, in order that our farmers do not leave their lands, villages, we continued to outgrow the sector in the agricultural loans in the first half of this year as well. Although the sector in general grew by 16.6 percent in the agricultural loans in the first six months of the year, Şekerbank grew by more than 21 percent.”

“We financed the insulation projects of 13,669 houses in H1”


Halit Yıldız underlined that, through EKOkredi they had developed to popularize the energy saving and support the sustainability of the natural resources, they have provided TL 613 million of finance for different energy efficiency investments in all segments including craftsmen, retail and SME, introduced energy saving to over 69 thousand people in total, and financed the insulations of almost 95 thousand houses since 2009.

Yıldız also gave the following information on the performance of EKOkredi in the first six months: “Continuing our pioneering role in the financing of energy efficiency this year as well, we have undersigned new real sector co-operations within the scope of EKOkredi to extend the investment in this area wider. In the first six months of 2015, we continued to introduce the energy saving to building managements and individuals by providing 13,669 houses with funds under favorable conditions through EKOkredi.”


Selected Indicators regarding Şekerbank’s Solo Financial Results of 30/06/2015:

Total Assets: TL 22.3 billion 
Total Loans: TL 15.5 billion 
Total Deposits: TL 14.3 billion 
Equities: TL 2.5 billion 
Net Profit: TL 62.7 million