Internet Banking

Our training activities 

Our trainings activities take shape with the belief in that knowledge can be proliferated through sharing only and that the most important investment for corporate development is the “investment in human”. Our training programs targeting to equip our employees with the knowledge and skills required by modern banking in line with the principles of equality and continuity are announced to all our personnel. 

Our training programs 

The needs analysis is designed and prepared after surveys and our sectoral researches. Our trainings are supported by effective audiovisual and printed tools using interactive systems, and their results are measurable. Our basic targets while saying “Enjoy Learning!” to our employees with our training programs with which they get acquainted on the very first day they start to work are

• Implementation of the acquired technical knowledge and skills,
• Supporting positive development of our employees’ relations with each other and with our customers,
• Contributing to improvement of the qualities of business, social, and private lives of our employees through personal development trainings.

General categories of our trainings 

These are the training packages comprising in-class, on the job and e-learning trainings for our personnel starting to work in our bank as Assistant Specialist –Customer & Commercial Representatives, and Assistant Auditor. 
These are the trainings in which the knowledge and skills required by the current job definitions are taught.
Trainings in which knowledge and administrative skills required for a superior title are taught in terms of the performance assessment and career plans of the employees. 
The trainings that enable the potential candidates for the President title, selected from the employees working as manager, to be prepared for this position in terms of management and technical knowledge. 
This is a distant training system including web-based personal development, banking applications and information technologies.

We have completed our 3rd year with our distant learning system called Seker Academy which supports training of our personnel both personally and in terms of the sector since 2005 and minimizing the labor force in our Bank. 

Banking, finance, technology, management skills and personal development modules are included in the trainings which we provide for our personnel independent from the time and place. We have still certified the success of our personnel who complete successfully not only in-class trainings but also our distant trainings via the certificates we grant. 

Besides we continuously strengthen the communication of our branches with each other and contribute to the cultural development of our personnel via our sub-titles such as the articles, interviews, monthly current sector news, health and technology column, mind games, hobbies published in the E-Magazine which is an indispensable part of not only Seker Academy but also our Bank and by referring to what you have sent, Training News and the changes in our Bank.
The trainings held or financially supported with the intention that our Bank personnel can improve their foreign language skills. 
Organized by Association of Turkish Banks and the institutions, expert in their field. 
These are the trainings in which the operating system of our bank is told to our personnel in simulation environment and the changes in the system are shared.