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Şekerbank which sets up projects creating added value in areas such as culture, art, supporting rural development and education within the frame of sense of corporate social responsibility, opened the first art galleries of the sector in Ankara in 1980s.
The art adventure of Şekerbank started with Ömer Sunar Art Gallery in the 80s and continued with the activities in this field in Ankara until 2005. Şekerbank which carries on banking activities in national and international platform continues to lead the way in the field of culture with Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery and innovative projects carried out in this sense within the scope of the mission of making the community familiar with art and supporting art production by integrating the local with global.
‘açıkekran’; which develops within the sense of corporate responsibility, presents a vision to be active in notably new media art and current art. ‘açıkekran’; aims to be a powerful link that connects the current memory with desired future and acts as a continuation of the sense of Şekerbank which considers culture as the common ground of existence.
With ‘açıkekran’, it is aimed to bring the visual arts together with the different segments of society, contribute in the growth of art love, bringing newly-emerging local talents in the world of art as well as the leading artists of our country, introduce the new ways of expression within contemporary art practice and create an important fund of knowledge and memory by bringing the works of art out of center via branches.
In parallel with the vision of social share, it is aimed to bring the art out of center; bring the local together with the global without taking center-periphery hierarchy into consideration by supporting art production; re-interpretation of the sense of Anatolian Banking in the platform of culture. The idea of bringing the art together with masses without depending only on the venue of gallery has been put into practice thanks to the branch network of Şekerbank which reaches every part of Turkey and Şekerbank branches, from Alpullu to Mardin, have started to host international artists as exhibition points which bring the contemporary art together with local people.
As an institution selecting to support the production and producer as a primary target, Şekerbank brings the idea that production and knowledge sharing are the basis of civilization and culture in the field of art by aiming to support new ways of expression in art production.
With ‘açıkekran’, Şekerbank aims at bringing the art out of center in parallel with its vision of social sharing by adopting a wide range of cultural strategy, and thus, its target is reinterpretation of the sense of Anatolian Banking in the platform of culture.
Contributing in the development of a discourse related to Contemporary Art, spreading this discourse in every part of the country and discovering young talents, bringing leading artists who have proved themselves and young talents together with art-lovers in the same platform, encouraging the art production are among the important elements in realizing the mission.


•  Exhibiting the current projection of art production with the examples in the world and sharing them with various masses,
•  Bringing the internationally accepted examples of art together with large masses by spreading the art to public sphere and organizing simultaneous exhibitions in the branches of the Bank with Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery.
•  Improving and putting forward the role of Şekerbank in social area with new studies,
•  Contributing in the development of intellectual levels and creativity of the young and children with "Culture Laboratory" programs.
•  Creating a link between the future and the memory by enabling the interpretation of debated concepts in the field of art by artisans and the young on intellectual level,
•  Supporting the young artists flourishing out of the centers such as Istanbul, Ankara, and İzmir.
•  Improving the art experience of the young and children receiving education out of these centers, developing projects in line with their target of giving a place to art in their future both in professional and audience level,
•  Enabling the accumulation to be archived in intellectual level by cataloging the exhibitions and projects made, are the rationales that constitute the basis of the idea of “Açıkekran | Art in Şekerbank”.
Açıkekran New Media Arts Gallery   
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Açıkekran Levent Gallery   
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